5 Things That Every Bride Should Do After She Gets Engaged. 

5 Things to Do As Soon As You Get Engaged
Wow! You’ve been waiting for this day to come and it is finally here. At this point, you don’t know what to think or say. You open the phone to call the ones closest to you and they answer with excitement. Once the initial shock of it all settles, it’s time to start planning the best day of your life and I'm here to help you get started. I want to share 5 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged.
1. Call Your Family & Friends. Although most of them may have already secretly known, it's good to personally share your excitement with the people you love.
2. Get A Manicure
This is a must! Everyone wants to see the rock so it's best to have beautiful nails to compliment your ring. 
3. Get Your Ring Sized
It's likely that your finance' took a wild guess at your ring size. Take a quick visit to the jewelry store to make sure it's not too loose and not too tight. 
4. Get Your Ring Insured
Insurance is a no brainer! Don't forget it.
5. Narrow Down Your Guest List
This number singlehandedly dictates everything! It determines how much you will spend on your wedding; the location of your wedding; how much you spend on decor... Your guest list is important so choose wisely.
These 5 things are a good starting point! I’ll be sharing more tip weekly. Stay tuned for more.

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