5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Gown 4

I'd be lying if I said I didn't personally enjoy dress shopping for my wedding. I rarely wear dresses so the obsession was a bit of a shock to myself. I remember going to this wedding shop about 3 miles from my home and combing through the racks of wedding gowns. It was exciting! I went on a weekday, alone by myself. With the help of the sweet lady who worked at the shop, I grabbed a few different styles that I thought I would like and I actually fell in love with the first dress that I tried on. It was a completely different style than I thought I wanted. I mean, I was floored.
When I ask my Brides about their bridal shopping experience, most of them almost never pick the dress style that they thought they would love. To prepare you for your visit, here are 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Gown.
1. Try on different styles.
You will need to consider the style, texture, and weight of your gown.
2. Do not take everyone dressing shopping with you.
Listen, I know you want to include everyone, but the more people you have, the more opinions. I would not invite more than 3 people dress shopping.
3. Choose a good dress shop.
Make sure you love the vibe and service of the dress shop. It's important that you connect with the staff because they will be your source of information regarding your gown.
4. Time.
The average dress takes at least 8 weeks to be delivered.
5. Order two sizes up?? (zip, corset?)
6. Weight of Dress (Remember you're going to have this dress on all night.

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