What No One Will Tell You About Planning Your Wedding

I went back and forth about whether I should post this but my goal is to offer tips and alarm you of some of the things that you may encounter on your journey to the altar. Planning your wedding is supposed to be fun and exciting as it's your time to celebrate your love for your partner with the people you love. While you would hope the people closest to you would care as much as you do, I am here to tell you,
Everyone is not rooting for you.
I know. Sounds crazy right? I hear the most bogus stories about some friends and family who "act out" during this time. Define "act out" as you may. During this time, you will encounter selfish, entitled people who only care about themselves. They will miss deadlines. They will let you down.
Expect it.
Here are some things to help keep your stress level down during the planning process.
  • Keep Your Bridal Party Small.
  • Keep Your Overall Guest List Short
  • Do Not Take A Lot of People To Your Vendor Appointments With You
  • Do Not Ask Everyone For Their Opinions. (2 per max)
Remember, this is your wedding. You deserve to have the best day of your life. Make sure you choose your crew wisely.

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